The wind has changed! Amazon was taken by TikTok to run?

A non-slip bottom and two large handles are such a seemingly unremarkable kitchen meat grinder, but it has become a popular item that is out of stock every time. Even foreign countries can’t help recommending it to readers. What is the charm of it? It all starts with a…


A “wind of goods” blowing towards Amazon

According to valid information, [Seller’s Home] found this popular video on TikTok.

The original video was played at double speed. Converted to real time, the blogger could completely chop a whole piece of chicken breast in less than 10 seconds.

Surprisingly, this video has received about 3.7 million likes and nearly 400,000 retweets, and even the ground meat products in the video have been loved by many TikTok users.

On Amazon, this product is frequently sold out, and it has become a target for shoppers to buy. The product itself has also received a positive rating of about 4.2 from sellers.

—- “This thing is a godsend for shredding chicken.”

—- “It’s better, faster, and less hassle than using a blender to chop chicken.”

—- There are even buyers who think “it’s like a charm” that fascinates them.

“Viral videos continue to drive TikTok users into a frenzy, so it’s only a matter of time before it goes out of stock.” Foreign media commented on the product.

It has to be said that a “TikTok bringing goods wind” is hitting Amazon aggressively.


new trend

TikTok leads Amazon shopping

TikTok’s relationship with Amazon has grown closer as new ways of shopping emerge.

On TikTok, the hashtag #BestAmazonFinds (“Best Amazon Search”) has more than 14.1 billion views, while the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt (“TikTok made me buy it”) has more than 41 million views in August billion views.

At the same time, the popularity of TikTok short videos has largely boosted product sales on Amazon’s platform.

Take beauty products, for example. According to media statistics, from Revlon’s One-Step hair dryer brush to Paula’s Choice BHA exfoliator, TikTok’s most popular products are among the top beauty sellers on Amazon.

Meanwhile, after beauty products became popular on TikTok, their monthly sales on Amazon increased by an average of 85.3%, outpacing the average for their respective categories, according to a new report from Similarweb, which tracks product sales.

Among them, the One-Step brush first became popular on the TikTok platform in February last year, and has gradually developed into the mainstay of TikTok beauty.

This spring, One-Step brushes became popular again driven by makeup artist bloggers. Amazon’s sales in March and April increased by 53.58% and 64.52% respectively month-on-month. to 116.69%.

A large number of data and cases prove that TikTok is no longer simply regarded as a short video platform, and the viral short video spread is leading the shopping trend on Amazon.


Riding the TikTok wave

As a result, the in-depth intersection of TikTok and Amazon in purchasing behavior also provides sellers with some new operational ideas.

The first is aspect.

If the popular products and popular keywords on Amazon’s platform can show buyers’ current interest orientation and purchase status, the popular lists and popular videos on TikTok provide sellers with another trend in the selection of products. The reference value of the angle.

It is said that eating the first crab is the most fragrant, so grasp the trend and seize the potential business opportunities one step ahead of others, and then you may become the “first person to eat crabs”.

The second is promotion.

Amazon’s Influencer Program allows select TikTokers to drive traffic and earn commissions by linking to their personal Amazon “storefront” (i.e. referral homepage) in their bio. Based on this, sellers can find bloggers or opinion leaders in their respective fields to cooperate and strengthen diversion.

For some sellers who cherish their brands, putting short videos on TikTok can also play a role in brand maintenance.

Cooperate with TikTokers who match the product positioning and brand tone, and create more potential consumers by creating high-quality content to increase the distance with the audience and gain the public’s favorable impression of the brand.

In any case, China is the “origin” of TikTok, and it is easier for Chinese sellers to understand the various modes of operation on TikTok. It is a pity not to take advantage of such a “unique” advantage.