TikTok leads the world in social media! Being imitated by major platforms

Worldwide app downloads and revenue will see record growth in 2021 and will continue to grow in 2022, according to the latest data provided by App Annie in its annual statistics on global app downloads.

Data shows that in 2021, global spending on iOS and Google Play Stores will reach $135 billion (just over €119 billion), compared to $112 billion (about €99 billion) in 2020. In terms of downloads, iOS and Google Play combined reached 140 billion, a 20% increase in two years.

In the global data, it shows complete advantages in download performance and revenue, while being positioned as the leader in China.

As App Annie explains: “TikTok’s impact on the 2021 figures is clear, with its No. 2 app spending ranking (which ranks apps with the most spending change over the past 12 months), while also Pushed CapCut to the top of the download charts. CapCut is an editing tool for TikTok.”

As we can see from the research report’s performance graph, Tiktok and CapCut lead or rank in the top apps in terms of downloads, consumer spending, and apps with the most monthly active users, although Instagram continues to hold the top spot in terms of active users Strong, but Facebook and its apps have slowly disappeared from the top of the charts.

And as this happened, Tiktok’s influence began to spread to others, and more and more platforms and apps began to imitate TikTok, and even “replicas” began to appear. Such as Taka Tak and Moj in India, as alternatives to Tiktok have also gained development as Tiktok is banned in the region.

Additionally, various social apps are working to add features and elements similar to Tiktok, and it is expected that by 2022, many of the apps we know today will look more like Tiktok. For example Twitter is starting to program its Explore feed, which is gradually becoming a Tiktok-like screen, and Instagram is testing its new vertical format for Stories.

Even pins on Pinterest have become more similar to the Tiktok format, while Snapchat uses a full-screen swipe UI. This TikTok-esque trend will continue unless and until the metaspace takes over again.

When it comes to overall app spending, TikTok also saw the biggest year-over-year growth. This is a good sign as it is planning to become a full-fledged e-commerce platform, a strategy that will undoubtedly help boost its revenue.