TikTok’s 24 most popular products this year are released

1. Chom Chom Roller (pet hair remover)

[Selected product]: This product is said to remove pet hair and does not need to be plugged in, but it can be used in normal times, and it is suitable for people who do not necessarily have pets.

[Content]: The content of the shooting does not need to be very professional, mainly the display of the use scene, such as the blanket at home, … highlight the contrast before and after the pet hair remover.

[Transformation]: Display the website on the homepage, and direct traffic to the Amazon store. You can choose related products with one click.

2. Sunloops Sunglasses (retro sun)

[Optional]: There are many styles of sunglasses, the retro style plus two frames (mirror chains) are quite eye-catching. It is worth mentioning that the pendant of the mirror chain can be changed, it is like earrings, and the style is changeable and lovable.

【Content】: Directly show the wearing process of retro sunglasses. On the one hand, it highlights the overall effect of wearing the glasses, and on the other hand, it highlights that the pendant of the glasses can be changed. The content shooting is simple, and there is a lot of room for creativity.

[Transformation]: Directly link the direct link to divert traffic, click on the purchase link, there are quick videos on the page, and related discount reminders, which accelerates consumers to make order decisions.

3. Clear Rainbow Lucky Ring

[Selection]: The ring is quite special, it looks thick, and the shape is a bit exaggerated! The material is not metal or precious gold and diamonds, but is made of resin material, plus DIY properties, you can choose your ring size and pendant combination, nostalgic, shiny, very cute.

[Content]: The content directly shows the effect of getting started with the product, highlighting the ever-changing shapes, such as images, letters, and graffiti… The shooting process is simple, just show your customized personality.

[Transformation]: A closed loop of dynamic sales can be realized by linking to a third-party website on the homepage, supporting a variety of payment methods, and you can also directly contact customer service for worry-free after-sales.

Fourth, Waterproof Phone Holder (waterproof bracket)

[Selected products]: If it is just a mobile phone stand, there is no selling point! The biggest selling point of this product is that it supports multiple models, and you can put the phone inside, which will not affect the operation of the phone, and it is also waterproof.

[Content]: The video content display can be combined with the use of scene shooting, bathing in the bathroom, cooking in the kitchen… These scenes are not difficult to shoot! The most direct way is to take a plate of water, put the mobile phone in this bracket, and then throw it in, which will also have a good display effect.

[Conversion]: Convert by linking on the homepage. Of course, the creators have separate orders from American and British customers, and they actually jump to Amazon when they click on it. In addition to the picture introduction, there are also video introductions, and the relevant price concessions are also very complete.

5. Rocket book (smart reusable)

[Selected product]: This product has been rated as the most valuable gadget in TikTok, and it still has its own advantages! One is that the page is full and can be erased and reused; the other is TikTok, which can be scanned and uploaded, and has many young users. It is no wonder that this product is loved by so many consumers.

[Content]: Show the process of using, writing, erasing, scanning and uploading, all in one go, content shooting and post-production are also very simple!

[Conversion]: Conversion is a comprehensive link jump, diverting traffic to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., as well as offline store inquiries, without wasting any traffic.

6. Moon Lamp

[Optional]: This moon light really has a different mood in the dark. The brightness can be adjusted by touch or remote control. It can be placed at home as a night light or as a handicraft.

[Content]: The road is simple! The content display is in the form of unpacking, showing the process from unpacking to turning on the switch to turn on the light, which is very attractive.

[Conversion]: Jump through comprehensive links, not only diverting traffic to YouTube and other platforms, but also related product links, one-stop recommendation of Amazon’s good things.