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TikTok brings goods: Crystal products continue to exceed 1 million pounds in the top 1. Is it a god operation?

The popularity of TikTok has really made many products continue to be popular, such as water cups, lamps, headphones and plush toys.

In this issue, the class leader of TikClub will share with you the crystal, a popular and fashionable category. I hope everyone can bring goods on TikTok and get it all right.

1. Crystal products

Through Tichoo’s data analysis, we can see that the top 10 in the UK’s list this week by sales, accounting for 3 crystal products, the price is generally between £2.00-90.00.

The weekly sales of Crystal Jewelry are 700, and the estimated sales are $5526.790; the weekly sales of Crystal Point are 2000, and the estimated sales are $12517.700; the weekly sales of Crystal Lucky Bags are 2200, and the estimated sales are $11844.000.

I don’t know, crystal is given the role of transshipment and fortune in the West, so it is easy to be favored by consumers overseas.

2. How to create video content?

Video content shooting is easy! Mainly to display all kinds of crystals, there is a sense of getting together, and the categories are very rich! It can also show the process of crystal processing, which is quite original! It can also show the process of crystal flushing, and the content is real and eye-opening.

2.1 Copywriting

In addition to the shooting and editing of videos, when TikTok publishes works, the copywriting also takes some effort. One of the videos with more than 6 million views is worthy of our learning and reference. The copy they wrote is inspirational, “When you think it’s the most difficult, it’s actually the closest you are close to success!” Combined with the video, it is easy to cause Netizens’ sympathy.

Of course, you can also use shock-draining copywriting, “Crystal lucky bag! Join us!” “Wow! Labradorite Stand! Do you like it?”, combined with the video, it is easy to attract the attention of netizens, and it is easy to attract traffic into the live broadcast room.

2.2 Popular tags

In addition to adding popular hashtags such as #fyp and #foryoupage, the popular hashtag #crystals related to video content has reached 7.7 billion views, and #crystaltok has also reached 2.4 billion views. These popular hashtags show the popularity of crystal products. , add it when you publish the video, you will get more exposure!

2.3 Popular music

Coupled with related popular music, such as Coming for you, Rollin’, goalsounds, these are popular background music used by hundreds of thousands of videos, which are easy to arouse the likes and attention of netizens.

3. Traffic conversion

3.1 Video delivery

Bring goods through video, hang on the car and convert! Of course, if you don’t know this function, you think it’s green cloth, but it’s actually one of the functions of the store! For example, this Rose Quartz Mug, click to open the link to purchase the same product in the video store, which is simple and fast.

3.2 Matrix delivery

Since it is a video delivery, of course it is impossible to have only one account, but to create a matrix! We can see that in addition to @soulovestone, there are also @soul-spirit-stone, @soulspiritstone, etc., the overall number of fans is good.

In addition to the small store, they also have a direct link to the website on the homepage to increase sales, which is great.

3.3 Live delivery with goods

Since there are all small stores, of course, live broadcasts are indispensable! The anchor does not have to show his face, you can also broadcast by hand! Add promotional slogans such as free shipping next to it to continuously display crystals or the production and processing process of crystals, increase the time consumers stay, and improve product conversion.