The Foursquare teamed up with Shopify to customize the logistics solution of the self-built station

4PX, a Chinese cross-border e-commerce logistics company, announced that it has become an official partner with Shopify, an independent cross-border e-commerce station, and the two parties will go hand in hand on the road of cross-border e-commerce services.

The cooperation between Disifang and Shopify aims to give full play to their respective strengths and customize more suitable and affordable self-built logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce customers; in addition to cross-border e-commerce platforms, it provides sellers with more development opportunities.

At present, “4PX EXPRESS” has been officially launched on the Shopify App Store, which can provide sellers with direct delivery services. The cross-border return service app is under review, and will be launched in the future. Warehouse delivery, transshipment and other service apps are dedicated to increasing the number of sellers Customized global logistics solutions, and can meet the needs of various cross-border e-commerce companies and sellers.

It is reported that DiSifang has been deeply involved in the cross-border e-commerce logistics industry for 15 years, and has become the first batch of Chinese cross-border e-commerce logistics service providers to introduce foreign postal services into China and formally establish overseas warehouse operations abroad. At present, DiSifang has set up nearly 30 FB4 overseas warehouses with a total of 350,000 square meters around the world, covering the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Spain and other countries. At the same time, the company has spontaneously developed products and services such as United Posts International parcels, global express delivery, GRS return system, and Quartet for transshipment.

In addition, in addition to shipping from China and entering China from all over the world, DigiSifang has also developed global-to-global and global-localized services with its own logistics network. It is currently the logistics service company with the most cross-border logistics products in China.