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Sourcing is an emerging market sourcing company which is one of the best in providing sourcing and procurement services all over the world.

we help you find factories, get competitive price, follow up production. ensure quality and delivery products door to door.

About Us

Gain procurement insights that generate results

We deliver you targeted insight into categories and markets to enable effective procurement decisions. Market volatility causes significant challenges to procurement managers. To deliver value to the business it is critical to have insight into the current cost and market dynamics of key categories & raw materials, together with early warnings of potential market risks. With so many sources of information available Dragon Sourcing rapidly filters out what is relevant and reliable to support effective decision making.

Sourcing szwatches has been a great partner for years. They have helped manage and extend our supply chains in Asia, providing transparency and oversight. Very responsive and well-informed, we trust them to always work for our best interests..”

John Schell, Director of Purchasing,<br /> Pace International

Our Solid sourcing solutions at the right price

Our expertise


We help you identify a manufacturer, verify your drawings, help produce your mold cavity, manage production, and conduct quality control checks


We find the best factory for your metal stamping needs, help you with production, and conduct in-process inspections.


We help you find a factory to produce plastic molds and aid in the design process. We speak to factory workers to ensure they understand your expectations.

Why Choose Us

One-Stop China Sourcing Agent Service

Get Best Price directly from Factory.No hidden Fee.
Do Factory Audit for you and Inspect products one by one before shipment.
Negotiate with the factory on your behalf.Follow the Production and Ensure product Quality.
Shipping goods From China and Get Best Shipping Rate.Cut Down Your Shipping Cost UP to 50% OFF.
We offer 1 month free warehouse storage for your goods.
2000+ Seller Recommend !!!


The Best of Yoga

Product Sourcing Services

Our professional Product Sourcing Services can, Increaseyour profits by sourcing and importing products cheaper than you can make them


We are experienced FBA Sourcing China Company With local office in china, 10 years of experience in sourcing, preparing and shipping products to Amazon FBA warehouses. We serve Professional Amazon sellers all around the world with A – Z service and more FBA Sourcing China services.We will be your best china FBA agent.

The Best Dropshipping Service

We will offer the best dropshipping service with high quality products and cheap price

Basic Inspection

Our basic quality inspection service is free of charge. We will inspect your orders surface and wrapping. If we find any faults in our investigation, we will notify you and negotiate a solution with the supplier.

Sea Freight

We cover all global shipping lines , they offer us competitive rates , and stable space With many shipping line companies , you can choose bulk cargo ship , roll-on / roll-off ship , OOG service , and chartered ships

Air Freight

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If you’re not interested in the whole range of the FBA Sourcing, you can always receive specific services from us, as listed below. If you have a specific need, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.

A Amazon FBA private label product is a product which is manufactured by a third-party manufacturer and sold under a brand name and fulfilled by Amazon.


If you’re already buying your products from Chinese manufacturers, we can provide you different aiding services to ease up the process for you.


We provide FBA freight forwarder service, help you forward them to Amazon FBA warehouses. We cooperate with many Logistics providers in China. So you can enjoy a good shipping service at a cheap price.


Our Partners

We Have Served More Than 2689 Clients

We have purchased consumer goods from YiWu maket, consumer electronics from Shenzhen, outdoor traveling products,clothing and leather goods from Guangzhou, and We can also sourcing products from alibaba for you.