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9 Free Amazon Shopify AliExpress widgets that are super powerful and frequently used

All the tools introduced in this article are Chrome browser plug-ins. If you don’t know how to install and use them, you can refer to Baidu: How to install Chrome plug-ins.

This article recommends 4 Amazon plugins, 3 Shopify plugins, and 2 AliExpress plugins, all of which are frequently used in work and hope to help you.

1. Auxiliary product selection tool – Amazon search results quick view tool

We have previously introduced tools that can quickly view key information about each product on the Amazon search results page. The names are as follows:

However, Brother Thirteen felt that he had found a better small plug-in for auxiliary selection. This tool can display the following information:

(1) Best Sellers Ranks

(2) Available stock

(3) Brand

(4) Follow-up information

(5) Price trend

(5) ASIN

(6) Dimensions

(7) Weight

(8) Call the Keepa interface to display historical price trends


And it supports exporting query results, as shown below:

The exported data is still very comprehensive, and the main image can also be downloaded

This tool not only supports Chrome browser, but also supports the following browsers.

There are many markets supported by this tool:

Supported Amazon Sites [ .com| .co.jp| .co.uk| .ca| .de| .fr| .it| .in| .es| .com.mx]

Best of all, viewing all this information is free, and you can find the tool in the Chrome App Store at the following URL


2. Amazon – Query the ranking of products in specific keywords through ASIN

Supports the ranking of products in specific markets and specific keywords based on Asin queries, and roughly estimates the source of search traffic in the product site.


The tool supports (USA,UK,CA,JP,DE,FR,IT,ES,IN,MX,AU) sites

This tool will be perfect if it cooperates with the tool we introduced before: Productor for Merch by Amazon [Introduced in this article: I have collected it for a long time and recommend 10 Amazon, independent sites and general-purpose free tools (the most powerful Chrome plugin + the most powerful opponent analysis) 】

You can find this tool in the Chrome app store at the following URL, we recommend 2 similar tools, you can try them all.



3. Amazon-Amazon Competitive Inventory Query

There are a small number of tools on the market that can query inventory, such as the EAR data I introduced in the picture above, this tool is specially used for inventory query. The editor tried my own products, and I feel that the estimated inventory gap is not very obvious, which is acceptable. (Note: Not all products can be queried out of stock)

The usage is very simple, after installing the plugin. Enter the specific product page, click the plug-in, and the following information will be prompted:

After clicking the OK button, enter the following page, and click Query again to query the inventory (the quantity in the green circle in the figure below is the inventory, and the query speed is a bit slow)

Plugin support

-UK-China-Germany-France-Canada-Italy-India-Spain-Mexico-Australia site

You can find the tool in the Chrome App Store at the following URL


4. Amazon-Amazon sales estimation, interest rate calculation tool

The usage is very simple, after installing the plugin. Enter the specific product page, on the right side of the page, the following window will automatically appear (not all products can be successfully queried, I don’t know why):


As for its inventory query, after trying several times, Brother Thirteen found that he always found no results, and after more than 8 queries, he would be charged, so it is not recommended. It is recommended to try the 3rd tool recommended above.

The tool supports: US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Spain, Mexico, India, Japan & China. Site

You can find the tool in the Chrome App Store at the following URL


5. Shopify product data scraping tool

Advantages: no login required, fast crawling speed;

Disadvantages: The free version can only download a maximum of 100 pieces of data at a time. If there is a lot of data, you need to download it multiple times. The paid version is not very expensive either, at $14.9/month.

The following are the files downloaded to the local computer after crawling

You can find the tool in the Chrome App Store at the following URL


6. Plug-ins that can download shopify data and pictures of the opponent’s entire site

Looking at this tool, the above tool seems to be overshadowed.

Free version, supports exporting 300 pieces of data, and one product data/each time


The paid version is more conscientious, at $9.99/month. It supports exporting all data and all pictures, which is very awesome.

You can find the tool in the Chrome App Store at the following URL


7. Shopify-Competitor Website Analysis Tool

1. Query the latest updated information of the opponent’s site

2. Themes and plugins used by opponents

3. The latest products on the shelves

4. Inquire about best-selling products

5. Select product supplier (this function is still very useful)

6. Analyze the product details of the entire site, as shown below:

This plugin is basically perfect if used in conjunction with the Shopify plugin commerceinspector.com.

You can find the tool in the Chrome App Store at the following URL


Eight, AliExpress selection tool

The usage method of this tool is as follows: after installing the tool, enter the characteristic product page, and then it can be used.


After installing the tool, AliExpress sellers can see a percentage value in the lower left corner, which is the credibility of the supplier (seller rating). The tool’s evaluation of this supplier at the bottom right, click the value to get more evaluations.


Price Tracking and Alerts

View similar products

You can find the tool in the Chrome App Store at the following URL


Nine, excellent AliExpress product research tools

Overall, this tool will be more practical than the previous one. And all the features described below are free.

1. After installing the tool, search for keywords, and you can see the following information on the search results page.

2. After entering a specific product page, click the Ali insider icon in the lower right corner, log in to the AliExpress account, and you can see the information as shown below. Including product average daily sales, sales, sales trend chart, product release time, etc.

3. You can see the price trend chart

4. Dropshipping order volume

5. Suppliers

6. Competitors