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For over a decade, we here at have been contacting and verifying suppliers for legitimacy for our online retailer members.

We take the time to ensure that all of the suppliers listed in our B2B Directory are as close to the source of the products as possible. Once you, as a supplier, makes it through our verification process, we will then list your company in our online WBI Certified® Directory of Wholesalers!

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Verification Process
Once we receive your information, we will be in contact with you if we have additional questions. Don’t be surprised if we ask for pictures, manufacturer information and more!
Free Listing
Once Approved, we will then list your company information in our Directory for our Members to locate. You will receive an account ID and password to access the Supplier Center so you can view your listing and request changes. You will always be able to access this area, for as long as you are a current listed supplier.
Retailer Contacts
Once a retailer finds your listing, they will then contact you directly. By either using the built in Online Account Setup Form we post, contact you via email, or fill out a form on your site. We will list whatever your preference is.
Working with the Retailers
The retailers will be working with you directly, placing orders, paying you, requesting information and etc. We do not get in between these types of transactions. This is your own personal relationship with the retailers.
If you drop product lines or add new lines, change your contact information, policies, close business or more, let us know! The more accurate and up to date your listing is, the better for you and for our members. We will contact you throughout the year and request any updates, but if you let us know first, we appreciate it!

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